NearSys Multimedia Projects

Over time, this webpage will be filled with the video, images, and sounds of NearSys

Helium Trip

After testing parachutes (they were dropped from a tethered weather balloon), we had to drain the helium out of the balloon. My science teacher side took over as I demonstrated what helium does to your voice.

Tator Bot

My video taken from my school's FIRST Robot. We're Team 2122 and won first place at the 2008 Sacramento Regional. To make this video, I strapped a digital camcorder to the base of our robot, Tator Bot. Tator Bot is wider than most 2008 robots because it begins each competition lying on its back (as you can see in this video)

DVD Burner Laser Demonstration

The diode laser in a DVD burner is pretty powerful, on the order of 200 mW. This video demonstrates what a DVD laser is capable of. It's powerful enough to pop dark colored balloons but doesn't affect clear ones (clear doesn't absorb enough of the laser radiation to get hot). Black electrician's tape does absorbs enough red laser light to melt and burn, but you'll need a steady hand.

Test Video for Near Space Nation

This is a test of matching music to video for a movie I would like to make

Video Footage of a Balloon Burst

Back in 1998, I send a camcorder (CVHS) on a near space flight. The camcorder, mounted to a high torque servo, was rotate up for the last part of the ascent. I finally had the video digitized and saved to DVD in April 2008. This is a video clip from the recording