BalloonSat Dissertation

Below are the rules and links you'll need to create and use your BalloonSat. This project is very open-ended, therefore you will not find complete, step-by-step directions. However, there is enough here to get you started.

The dissertation email group is on Yahoo Groups, under BalloonSat_Research. Please subscribe (along with your students) so we can communicate and share questions and answers. The BalloonSat project begins Monday, January 9th and ends on Friday, Febuary 19th. Please have the BalloonSats in the mail by Febuary 20th. I will fly them by the end of spring break and have them in the mail by the close of March. Your students will have two weeks to download and analyze the data. Please have them write their report as a webpage so I can make a copy of all of them for future study.

It is critical that your students fill out the TOSRA before beginning opening the BalloonSat kit. Also remember that they must fill out a second TOSRA at the completion of their webpage-based report.

Please feel free to ask for help from mentors. Robotics clubs, amateur radio clubs, and electronic technicians or engineers will make great mentors. However, your students must be the ones assemblying and testing the BalloonSat.

Download the PICAXE Editor at this link. The software is free.

Rules of the Study

Study Documents

  1. Some notes on tools and soldering
  2. Some notes about electronic components
  3. Building the BalloonSat Flight Computer
  4. Building the BalloonSat's Sensor Arrays
  5. A short note about the camera
  6. Building BalloonSat Airframes
  7. Testing your BalloonSat