GPS Simulator

The GPS Simulator allows the testing of flight code and GPS tracking systems on the ground where errors can be detected and corrected without risking the loss of a near spacecraft or the failure of an onboard experiment.

Features of the GPS Simulator

  1. Operates from a single nine-volt battery
  2. Attaches to a flight computer like a GPS receiver (no modifications to the flight computer are necessary)
  3. Simulates the launch, ascent, float, descent, and landing of a near space mission
  4. Ascent rate, burst altitude, float altitude, and descent rate are adjustable in software
  5. Easy to program in BASIC
The price for the GPS Simulator (GPS-Sim) is $26.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

GPS Simulator Assembly Directions
GPS Simulator Code

To program the GPS Simulator's PICAXE-18M2, you'll need to download the PICAXE Programmer. It's free at this link