Robot Radio

Want to send text messages to your robot? Sending and receiving messages lets you control your robot and understand what it preceives. The robot radio is a terminal project incorporating a two-way radio link. The terminal displays text using the terminal program in the PICAXE Editor. How your robot responses and how smartly is up to you and how you program the robot.

The Robot Radio kit contains all the parts needed to make a two-way radio. The terminal connects to a PC to display text and the robot's radio plugs into one input and one output port (or one combined input/output port). The radios are Digi Xbee Pro two-way radios with a range of up to 300 feet. The cost of the radio is $97.50 (half of it in just the pair of radios).

Instructions for making the robot radio
Sample code for the robot radio
Video of a radio terminal controlling a robot