Smart Proximity Detector

The CheapBot Smart Proximity Detector is a single board proximity detector solution. Looking ahead of the robot, it's two IR emitters are commanded to flash by the program inside its PICAXE-08M. A single 38 kHz IR detector mounted central to the proximity detector PCB monitors reflection from the IR emitters and reports back to the PICAXE. The detector is less sensitive to off-center frequencies. Therefore, the PICAXE flashes the emitters at four other frequencies to determine a distance to an obstacle in front of each IR emitter. The results are sent to the robot controller as a constant stream of serial data. It's up to the robot controller to determine how to react to obstacles at various distances in front of it.

Features of the Smart Proximity Detector

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Just bolt the proximity detector PCB to the front of the robot and plug its cable into the robot controller I/O
  3. Messages from the proximity detector can be customized
  4. Simple to program in BASIC

The price for the Proximity Detector version 1.2 (Prox) is $21.50 plus $4.00 S&H. The Smart Proximity Detector kit contains all the necessary parts except for solder and hot glue.

Demonstration Video

Instructions for the Smart Proximity Detector
Sample Smart Proximity code for the onboard PICAXE-08M
Sample code for a robot using the Smart Proximity Detector