CheapBot UnderLighting Kit

The CheapBot UnderLighting kit is the first step to tricking out your robot. The UnderLighting board contains seven LEDS and draws approximately 50 mA. Five colors are available and all LEDs (except the blue which is medium output) are high-output. The UnderLighting kit is designed to plug into an I/O port (input or output) and operate continously. The kit can be combined with a relay switch to give the robot the ability to turn on and off its underlighting.

The UnderLighting kit (underlight) comes with all the parts needed to make an underlight bar. There are five different kits, each with a different color LED. UnderLighting kits can be combined in a daisy chain or connected to a relay for robotic control.

The cost for the UnderLighting kit is $13.00 for the Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green. The Blue kit is $14.50. Shipping and handling is $4.00, but free if the UnderLighting kit is ordered in combination with another robot kit.

Instructions for making UnderLighting