The CheapBot-14 is an great entry platform to robotics. The use of an inexpensive h-bridge gives the CheapBot-14 robot controller the ability to drive to its destination while operating its sensors. The CheapBot-14 robotic controller, Single Robot Body, Line Follower, and The Roboticist book combination creates the Robot Club in a Box, a perfect way for groups like scouts, 4H, and other clubs into robotics.

Features of the CheapBot-14

  1. Inexpensive and flexible
  2. Contains two complete output ports and five input ports (each port provides power and access to the microcontroller)
  3. Two motor ports, just plug the motors in
  4. Simple to program in BASIC

The price for the CheapBot-14 version 2.0 (CheapBot-14) is $26.00 plus $5.00 S&H. The CheapBot-14 kit contains all the necessary parts except for solder. An assembled and tested CheapBot-14 is available for $36.00 plus $5.00 S&H. If ordered with a robot body, shipping is only $2.00.

Instructions for CheapBot-14
Sample Robot Code
Instructions for making a progamming cable
Datasheet for the TA8080K motor driver used in the controller
A Squeak eToy demonstration program of the CheapBot robot
Link to Squeak Land where you can download Squeak eToys - it's free!

To program the CheapBot-14's PICAXE-14M, you'll need to download the PICAXE Programmer. It's free at this link