CheapBot Robot Body

The CheapBot robot body is an inexpensive robot design for the CheapBot controller (and most any other robot controller). While it's inexpenive, it's still a flexible design robot platform that allows a robot to carry a multitude of sensors (NearSys produces its own line of sensors with the CheapBot Robot in mind).

The CheapBot Robot kit (cheap-body) comes with all the parts needed to make a robot for the CheapBot-14 or CheapBot-18 robot controller. The kit is $41.00 plus $6.00 shipping. Be sure to download the instructions for modifying the new servo motors included in the kit. Other kits ordered along with a robot body are shipped with the body and incur no additional shipping cost.

Instructions for making a robot body
Instructions for modifying the servos included in the robot body kit
Sample code for testing a robot body
Navigation exercise for your robot
Video of an example CheapBot robot body
A Squeak eToy demonstration program of the CheapBot robot
Link to Squeak Land where you can download Squeak eToys - it's free!