NearSpace UltraLight

The NearSpace UltraLight is a complete (except for the GPS, which can be purchased from NearSys), entry level flight near space flight computer. It's an easy to assemble project that makes starting a near space program much easier. Just add the GPS and the flight computer is ready to fly its mission. The price for the NearSpace UltraLight (NS-Ultra) is $236.00, plus $8.00 shipping and handling. All you will need to complete the flight computer is to add the terminations for the relay driven cameras and the battery adapter (explained in the directions).

Note: Since the NearSpace UltraLight includes an APRS tracker, it can only be sold to licensed amateur radio operators. Individuals without a license and individuals who do not want to transmit at 144.390 MHz can purchase the kit sans transmitter and then contact Lemos about purchasing a radio of their choice (this option lowers the cost of the kit to $170.00).

A GPS receiver kit is now available for the NearSpace Light

Features of the NearSpace UltraLight

  1. Powered by the PICAXE-28X1 (Makes use of PICAXE-28X1 scratch pad memory for parsing GPS data)
  2. Small, 3.75 inches by 4.5 inches
  3. 500 mW transmitter for the APRS tracker
  4. Operates from two battery packs to protect against mission failure caused by servo drain
  5. Four A to D channels that provide power to experiments and digitize at either eight or ten bits of resolution
  6. Digital Port for three digital sensors
  7. Servo Port to operate two servos
  8. Powered GPS Port for transmitting and recording GPS data
  9. Camera Port for two cameras (either CHDK USB Remote or modified shutter switch)
  10. Commit Pin to prevent the flight computer from collecting data until ordered to do so
  11. Control Panel kit brings all the UltraLight's features to the outside of the airframe
  12. Built-in radio and antenna jack (Antenna kit is part of the kit)
  13. 90 dB audio locator beacon with separate battery and power switch (included in the kit)
  14. Easy to program in BASIC

Assembly directions for the UltraLight
Sample Flight Code

To program the NearSpace UltraLight's PICAXE-28X1, you'll need to download the PICAXE Programmer. It's free at this link