Near Space in a Can

Near Space in a Can is a totable thermal vacuum chamber with a stainless steel chamber nine inches in diameter and nine inches deep. Packed with dry ice, the chamber drops to a temperature to -80 degrees F. Near Space in a Can permits instruments to be exposed to the near space environment before they fly. The cost of testing is significantly less than a mission, and therefore pays for itself in identifying potential failures.

The cost for Near Space in a Can kit is $259

Features of Near Space in a Can

  1. Clear plexiglass window allows you to monitor conditions inside the chamber
  2. Lightweight and totable
  3. Includes pressure gauge and air valve
  4. Just connect to your vacuum pump (Harbor Frieght sells the US General 2.5 CFM vacuum pump for automotive AC systems that works well enough

Assembly Directions
Near Space in a Can Video