Totable Thermal Vacuum Chamber Thermometer

The t-TVC Thermometer measures the temperature of the interior of a vacuum chamber. Unlike other thermometers, this one measures temperatures from -99 F to +99 F. It also records the temperatures are specified intervals for later downloading into a PC. Finally, the thermometer can also record the voltage of a sensor or experiment and record that data.

Features of the t-TVC Thermometer

  1. Records temperatures within the range of -99 F to +99 F at a percision of one degree
  2. Memory records over 1000 temperautre readings
  3. Temperature Readings can be downloaded after the completion of a thermal vacuum test
  4. A voltage form the experiment or other sensor can be recorded during the thermal vacuum test
  5. Easy to program in PBASIC
The price for the t_TVC Thermometer kit (Thermo) is $58.00 plus $4.00 S&H and includes everything needed to complete the t-TVC Thermometer. A completed Thermometer is available for $66.00 plus $4.00 S&H.

Directions for building the t-TVC Thermometer
Example Thermometer Code

To program the Thermometer's PICAXE-28X2, you'll need to download the PICAXE Programmer. It's free at this link