NearSpace Easy

The NearSpace Easy is the next higher level of near space flight computer. The Easy is based on the BASIC Stamp 2 (the BS2pe is recommended) and comes with the Control Panel and antenna kit. Add the NearSys GPS kit and you have a complete flight computer, all you'll have to do is select your battery option. The cost for the NearSpace Easy (N-Easy) is $198.00 plus $8.00 S&H.

Note: The NearSpace Easy does not come with a BASIC Stamp or MAX186 ADC. Purchase the BS2 from Parallax . The MAX186 is available as a free sample from Maxim IC .

A GPS receiver kit is now available for the NearSpace Easy

Note: Since the NearSpace Easy includes an APRS tracker, it can only be sold to licensed amateur radio operators. Individuals without a license and individuals who do not want to rtransmit at 144.390 MHz can purchase the kit sans transmitter and then contact Lemos about purchasing a radio of their choice (this option lowers the cost of the kit to $145.00).

Features of the NearSpace Easy

  1. Small, 3.75 inches by 4.25 inches
  2. 500 mW transmitter for the APRS tracker
  3. Operates from two battery packs to protect the mission from servo drain
  4. Eight A to D channels that provide power to experiments and are capable of digitizing at twelve bits of resolution
  5. GPS Port for transmitting and recording GPS data and provides power to the GPS receiver
  6. Six bi-directional digital channels in the Digital Port
  7. Three servo channels in the Servo Port
  8. Built-in radio and antenna jack
  9. Powered by the BASIC Stamp 2 (the BS2pe is recommended)
  10. Makes use of scratch pad memory for parse GPS data
  11. Up to 30 kb of data storage
  12. Easy to program in PBASIC
  13. Control Panel accesses flight computer without opening the airframe
  14. Mission Commit Pin prevents the flight computer from collecting data until pulled
  15. Antenna kit is part of the package

Assembly Directions
Sample Flight Code
Sample Downloading Code

To program the NearSpace Easy's BASIC Stamp, you'll need to download the Parallax Programmer. It's free at their website