PICAXE-14 Project Board Kit

The PICAXE 14 Project Board is a "Learn to Solder and Program kit" that won’t leave you with a toy that you’ll set aside after a few minutes. The project board comes with over 30 activities that you can expand into even larger personal projects. First, however, you have to learn basic electronics so you can solder and test the kit. The PICAXE 14 Project Board makes a great introduction to robotics.
The price for the PICAXE 14 Project Board kit is $86.00 plus $5.00 S&H. The additional parts kit is under development at this time but will contain all the parts needed to complete all the activities. You will need a PC with serial port or with a USB to serial adapter. The programming editor is free.

PICAXE-14 Project Board Lessons

Zipped files contain detailed PDF directions, supporting Power Points, and PICAXE programs. The activities are free downloads


Assembly and Testing

Lesson 0: Assemblying and testing the PICAXE-14 Project board files

Communicating with a PC

Lesson 1: SERTXD Command files
Lesson 2: RAM, Counting, and the Debug Window files

Simple Input

Lesson 3: Switch Input/Keyboard files
Lesson4: ADC with potentiometer

Simple Output

Lesson 5: LED versus a Switch
Lesson 6: Two LEDs with one I/O pin
Lesson 7: Bicolor LED and H-Bridge
Lesson 8: Counting with binary LED display
Lesson 9: Servo
Lesson 10: Speaker


Lesson 11: LM335 temperature sensor
Lesson 12: Relative humidity sensor
Lseeon 13: Hall Effect sensor
Lesson 14: LED photometer


Lesson 15: Using I2C memory
Lesson 16: Dataloggers

Final Projects

Lesson 17: Magnetic field display (bicolor-polarity and PWM strength)
Lesson 18: Potentiometer-controlled servo
Lesson 19: PWM LED night light
Lesson 20: Pseudo-thermamin
Lesson 21: Two traffic lights with car detection
Lesson 22: Railroad crossing gate and lights
Lesson 23: Keyboard programmed into memory
Lesson 24: Program multiple servo positions into memory and repeat
Lesson 25: Light organ programmed into memory (5 switches and LEDs)
Lesson 26: Reaction timer game (solo and competition)
Lesson 27: Light Alarm
Lesson 28: Magnetic Switch Alarm
Lesson 29: Tripwire Alarm
Lesson 30: Temperature Alarm
Lesson 31: Controlling a modified camera (game camera)
Lesson 32: Light interrupt counter

To program the Temperature Logger's PICAXE-14M2, you'll need to download the PICAXE Programmer. It's free at this link