BalloonSat Extreme

The BalloonSat Extreme is for those wanting a large BalloonSat or for a BalloonSat flying experiments for several people.

A GPS receiver kit is now available for the NearSpace Easy

Features of the BalloonSat Extreme

  1. 3.4 inches by 3.8 inches
  2. Control panel eliminates heat shrink tubing and places controls on outside of BalloonSat airframe
  3. Eight channels analog sensor volt read at 12-bit resolution
  4. Three camera ports (either continuity or voltage operated cameras)
  5. Five bi-directional digital channels
  6. Powered GPS port that allows the GPS data to be recorded along with science data
  7. Operated by any BASIC Stamp, however the BS2pe is recommended (provides up to 30 kb of data storage)
  8. Two separate power supplies to protect the mission from servos draining mission power
  9. Commit Pin prevents the flight computer from collecting data until launch
  10. Operates three servos
  11. Easy to program in PBASIC
The price for the BalloonSat Extreme kit (B-Extreme) is $48.00 plus $5.00 S&H and includes everything needed to complete the Extreme flight computer, except for the BASIC Stamp, MAX185 ADC, and the camera cables. The BASIC Stamp 2pe is recommended and is available from Parallax . Contact me about getting a MAX186. The camera cables are made to the specification of your camera. A completed BalloonSat Extreme flight computer is available for $58.00 plus $5.00 S&H.

Directions for building the BalloonSat Extreme
Example Flight Code
Example of Data Download Code

To program the BalloonSat Extreme's BASIC Stamp, you'll need to download the Parallax Programmer. It's free at the Parallax Website.