A chronological list of ARHAB groups NearSys has launched with in the past. To be a part of this list, contact NearSys.

  1. Kansas Near Space Project
  2. Sky Science Over Kansas
  3. HABITAT, Kansas
  4. Treasure Valley Near Space Program
  5. University of Idaho
  6. Edge of Space Science, Colorado
  7. Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio
  8. Idaho State University
  9. ACE Academy, Idaho
  10. Magic Valley Balloon Group
  11. Central Nebraska Near Space Program
  12. University of Nebraska, Omaha
  13. Oregon Institute of Technology
  14. Adler Planetarium, Illinios
  15. Experimental Balloon Society, University of Kansas (XBS)
  16. University of Minnesota Space Grant
  17. Kansas Wesylan University, Salina, KS
  18. Missouri Robotics group in St. Louis
  19. Fort Hays State University, Physics Department