Near Space Paper Airplane Release Experiment

Flight #109

Lift off!
The girl's science experiment is on the right

The near space balloon on this mission carried paper airplanes inside a cheese cloth bag which was held closed by a toy balloon release. The Payload Bag was tied to two cords. The Support Cord tied one side of the bag to the near space balloon nozzle. After being tied to the near space balloon nozzle, the free end of the Support Cord then ended in a loop that dangled down from the near space balloon nozzle. The Payload Bag's second cord, the Release Cord, was tied to the other side of the Payload Bag and ended in a loop with the same diameter as the loop in the end of the Support Cord. The two loops were aligned with each other and then a small toy balloon was inserted within the loops and filled with air until it was a little larger than the diameter of the loops. The pressure of the toy balloon, squeezed within the two loops, kept the toy balloon from slipping out of the loops. The toy balloon was also strong enough to keep the loops together while carrying the Payload Bag.

Now as the near space balloon rises higher, the toy balloon expands until it bursts. Once burst, the two loops can fall apart letting the Release Cord drop down. That then lets the Payload Bag fall open, spilling the paper airplanes inside.