Launched with the University of Minnesota Ballooning Team, sponsored by the Minnesota Space Grant
First Minnesota launch

Flight #72

The NearSys 09C Flight Path

Video report of the mission

About 5-1/2 minutes into the mission, the near spacecraft took this photograph of Green Lake, east of Wyoming (my, there are lots of lakes in Minnesota). The altitude is approximately 7,800 feet.

Dr. James Flaten and two students tie off the balloon. Inside the balloon is a stick with a series of temperature sensors in an experiment that will test the ideal gas law with the balloon.

Very unusual, I've never observed the cosmic ray flux to increase at high atltitude, it has always decreased above 62,000 feet. But here we can see that the flux increases above 81.000 feet. Could it have something to do with launching closer to the geomagnetic pole?